Why are so many Australians moving to live and work in the UK?

Live and Work in the UK


The UK is currently home to more than 120,000 Australians.  So what are the things that are making the UK so appealing to young ambitious Australian professionals, making them so keen to live, work and play there in their droves?


Huge scope to travel  


Without a doubt, one of the biggest draws to the UK is its location for travel.  In Australia you can take a five and a half hour flight and still land in the same country…..everything feels so far away (and so expensive to get to).  The UK not only has its very own stunning natural landscape and interesting places to visit, but with Europe just on its doorstep it is so perfectly geographically located that it’s no wonder those keen to experience the thrill of travel want to live there.  Virtually anywhere in Europe is within a couple of hours or less by plane, meaning you can (and so many of our MyOErs do) spend your weekends easily, and inexpensively, exploring a completely different country and culture. The Eurostar train means that in just over an hour you can spend a fabulous weekend exploring Paris and still make it home in time for work on Monday morning with a tummy full of great French wine and cheese and memories to last you a lifetime.   


Rich cultural opportunities


Few nations can match the UK when it comes to arts and culture, tapping into an incredibly rich history that can be traced back for hundreds of years pretty much everywhere you look.   From its world-class art galleries, exhibitions and attractions to internationally acclaimed theatre, musical events and festivals, there really is something for everyone going on every day of the week, literally 365 days a year.


Shared love of sport


The UK is very well suited to the active Aussie lifestyle. The Brits absolutely  LOVE their sport, from rugby, football and golf to the more adventurous activities like sailing, climbing and biking.  Oztag/tag rugby is also played all over London and the UK and is very much supported by the antipodean and UK community.

The Brits love to play sport but they also very much like to watch and support with a group of friends by heading to Twickenham to watch the Wallabies play England (or any of the other amazing UK stadiums/venues) or over a pint at one of the great many pubs on their doorstep.  


The mild climate


it’s true!  Whilst the British weather is often joked about, a lot of Aussies like a change from the sweltering Aussie heat.  The UK really does have the most beautiful summers, with blue skies and low humidity, and when the sun comes out the country truly celebrates the season; they flock to the local park for an impromptu picnic, the beach, rooftop bar or their local pub garden with friends to enjoy cold beers (and yes I mean cold beers), chilled wine and of course the great British tradition of Pimms. And then of course on the other end of the scale there is the British winter where it’s cold, for sure, but there are so many things laid on to entertain you – not least the unwritten rule as an Aussie that you have to frequently yell “SNOW” when you look out of your window (especially while sitting in an office surrounded by Brits looking at you like a weirdo).


Feeling at home whilst on the other side of the world


Despite its great distance from Australia, the shared language, sense of humour and general relaxed culture over in the UK makes it very easy for Aussies to settle in and quickly feel very much at home.  Australia and Britain have always shared a rare affinity that many other nations just wouldn’t understand. The vast expat community and lifestyle in the UK is fantastic and you will constantly be meeting interesting, very like-minded people who are always up for doing something new, interesting and exciting.


The great UK job opportunities.


A stint working overseas always looks impressive in the eyes of a potential employer.  It shows you’re independent, confident, adventurous and hungry for personal growth. Barely a week goes by without a story in the press about the skill shortages that there are in the UK economy, and these skills shortages are only set to grow in the coming years as a result of Brexit and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are shortages in just about every industry right up and down the country, so it’s one of the easiest times ever to be looking for the best roles to boost your career in the UK.   Read more about the booming UK job market and why 2019 is definitely your time to shine in the UK careerwise.


Because it’s just too easy!


If you are over 18 and haven’t yet had your 31st birthday then you are eligible for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa which means you are free to travel and work for up to two years, hassle-free.  Later in life when you are settled with a mortgage and all the other great but time-consuming responsibilities life brings, then we absolutely guarantee that you won’t look back and wish you had travelled less.   Now is your moment, grab the opportunity, see more of the world, boost your skills and career and have the adventure of your lifetime in the UK.


For more information on what you can expect from a professional OE then you can join in with one of our free information Webinars live from our OE experts in London – the next one is on Monday 18th February.  Alternatively, you can get in touch directly and have an informal chat with our team in our Australian offices and/or our UK office, or simply download our MyMove Handbook at the link below and start formulating your plan of OE action.

UK Move Handbook
For a more in depth break down of exactly what you need when planning a successful OE, download this handy little book that walks you through all the essential steps you need to get you from your home to your fantastic new UK job and lifestyle.

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