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MyOE exists to help young Australasian professionals combine their next important career move with an exciting new life in the UK and adventures across Europe.

When we, the original MyOErs, came to the UK many years ago, we didn’t want our careers to take a break so that our lives could take a new turn. It was tough, trying to get to London, get our visas, find a job, a house, open a bank account and decipher the UK tax codes.
But because we did it, you don’t have to. MyOE takes away the hard graft so that you can focus on work, having a great time and planning that trip to Paris.

We bring together 30 years of expertise and experience in professional relocation and adventures overseas

MyOE provides a unique, bespoke and scalable relocation service for ambitious young professionals, that places your career at the heart of your plans for an overseas experience.

MyOE is part of the Oncore Global Contractor Solutions group, specialising in contractor payroll, accounting and umbrella services.

Built on a foundation of world-class technology, Oncore boasts dedicated client care with more than 60 staff members based in offices across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With over 18 years experience in the industry, Oncore has successfully engaged with over 3,000 contractors.
UK Visa Assistance in Australia by MyOE

Since 1998, MyOE helps young professionals from Australia and
New Zealand
take their next career steps in the UK, and combine them with a great lifestyle and a lot of fun.

In six clear stages, our flagship service, My UK Move, will take you from wondering whether it’s possible to have your overseas experience and stick to your career plan, to having new work friends round for drinks in your London flat:

  • My Career Plan
  • My Ideal UK Job
  • My UK Visa
  • My UK Finances
  • My Consultancy
  • My New UK Home
Testimonial by
"When moving to a new country, it's not what you know but who you know. The best thing my friend could have done for me was to introduce me to MyOE. They not only provided me with a way to continue progressing my career in the UK, which was very important, but they also took all the responsibility from my shoulders of what I needed to do financially. The MyOE company is extremely social too, and there's always something going on that you can join in which I love as it makes such a big difference when you first arrive. It really makes you feel like part of a community. That's the reason MyOE stands out as special."

Travelling to another country can be daunting, that’s why we’ve created a warm community and busy social calendar for all our MyOErs.

MyOE prides itself in helping you make the most of your experience. That’s why we arrange regular activities in unique places, where you can meet like minded people. The MyOE community connect to share experiences, make friends, housemates, travel companions and a business network. Attending just one of our regular party nights can lead to a new job, a new house or a weekend away with friends to a new country. Recent MyOE activities have included:
  • Boat party on the Thames, with drinks, music and canapes provided
  • All inclusive day out at the races for Royal Ascot
  • Cocktail making masterclass
  • Outdoor cinema night under the stars
  • Many rugby and football matches
  • Canal boat party along the Regents canal
  • West End Show
  • Job hunting workshop
  • London Eye Canape and bubbly night
  • London beer & wine week pub crawls
  • Weekend visits to Stonehenge and Bath
  • Cheese rolling in Gloucestershire (!)
  • Weekend trips to Lisbon, Rome and Amsterdam
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Meet the team

Adam Mac Vitie
Adam Mac Vitie
Dan Mettham
Dan Mettham
Client Solutions Manager, NZ
Siobhan Joyce
Siobhan Joyce
Client Services Manager
Steve Neame
Steve Neame
Sponsorship Authorising Officer
Brenton Henderson
Brenton Henderson
Managing Director
Arron Mac Vitie
Arron Mac Vitie
Business Development Manager
Jacqui Graham
Jacqui Graham
Events and Marketing Manager
Damian Bridge
Damian Bridge

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