Think outside the box (and your country) to improve career success

Think outside the box (and your country) to improve career success.


How secure do you feel in your chances of career progression with your current skills and experience?  With the pace of change in business getting faster, and technology evolving at such a frantic rate, are you finding that your skills and breadth of knowledge are starting to fall behind those of your peers? 


Are you ready for a new challenge?


Should you continue in your current role and risk limiting the progression of your career?  Is it time to move onwards and upwards professionally?

The average employee now changes job every 3.3 years, according to a recent report from the Department of Employment.  In the 25-34 year age bracket the average tenure is even lower at 2.8 years.  Moving job roles these days is no longer seen as a negative, but a vital way to broaden knowledge, experience and skills to make yourself considerably more marketable.  


A job for life, no more….


Times have definitely changed.  Long gone are the days in which you go to uni, learn a specific skill and then land a job for life matching your exact qualifications.  No longer can you rely on simply working hard up your chosen career ladder in the same company. Ensure you stay ahead of the game by pursuing more training, education and global experience to keep up and stand out in a competitive market.


Embrace change and progression


In order to succeed, businesses themselves are required to become more spontaneous, agile, and creative.  New skills are required constantly to keep up with new technology. New roles are emerging as a result of these changes and the more traditional roles are getting reconstructed to keep up with the new trends in the marketplace.  

Barely a week goes by without a story in the press about the massive skill shortages in the economy.  Employers are having to rely on highly skilled global migrants to fill these skill shortages, as are unable to source the range of skills required to keep up the pace and help the economy grow.

It is no longer about whether employment is available for you in any given company; but exactly how employable YOU are within your chosen field.  


What you can do to stay ahead of the game?


If progressing in your career is important to you then you really need to be proactive in continuously researching, enhancing, and augmenting your skills and experience to ensure you aren’t left behind.  You need to be a perpetual ‘work in progress’, making sure that you are keeping up with the evolving skill demands of your chosen industry. 


Consider working and growing your skills abroad 


Moving your career to another country can offer you the opportunity to gain work experience of other cultures, working styles, and new skills internationally.  These attributes will make you stand out against other job candidates once you return home.  In this very competitive global economy, gaining international experience on varied projects can not only be very personally rewarding, it can also look fantastic on your resume.  A professional Overseas Experience (OE) can showcase you as ambitious, driven and able to adapt to change and a variety of different working environments.


Open up your global network


Working abroad also gives you the chance to build relationships and network with other people in your field on an international level.  When you move back home, you can continue to nurture these relationships from afar and incorporate them into your new job roles.


It’s time to see what’s out there for you….


So does adapting and evolving your skills abroad whilst having the adventure of your life in the New Year sound appealing?  In the UK skilled Aussie and Kiwi professionals continue to be sought after and given the pick of the best jobs with the best salaries to match.  

If you would like to understand more about the opportunities there could be available to you in the UK then get in touch with one of our experts in the UK office for an informal chat through your options, or download our free helpful handbook for all the tools you need to make a start.

UK Move Handbook
For a more in depth break down of exactly what you need when planning a successful OE, download this handy little book that walks you through all the essential steps you need to get you from your home to your fantastic new UK job and lifestyle.

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