Video diary of a Europe well travelled

Video diary of a Europe well travelled


We know that these are tricky times for the adventurous ones amongst you and those of you desperate to travel, and we want you to know that we totally feel your pain.  We also think this could be the absolute best time to focus your energy on where you would want to go once this madness is over. Back in the heady days when the world was her oyster, Ebony from Brisbane went looking for a professional OE that would allow her the best opportunity to travel – she decided pretty quickly that the UK could well be the answer.  She was right!!

Virtually anywhere in Europe is within a couple of hours or less by plane, meaning her weekends have been spent easily, and cheaply, exploring a huge variety of completely different countries and cultures at the drop of a hat.  Whilst Covid-19 has thrown a temporary spanner in the works, Ebony has shared with us a short video of the 30+ countries her journey has taken her to so far, and why she can’t wait for the restrictions to be lifted so she can continue living the dream.

(Countries featured are: Morocco, Sahara Desert. Stavanger, Norway, Pulpit Rock. Vienna, Austria. Malta, Blue Lagoon. Benicasim Festival, Spain. Venice, Italy. Paris, France. Brugge. Belgium, Oktoberfest. Munich, Germany. Budapest, Hungary. Berlin Wall. Porto, Portugal. Capri, Italy. Pompeii, Naples, Italy. Majorca, Spain. Warsaw, Poland. Skopje, North Macedonia. Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Vilnius, Lithuania. Stockholm, Sweden. Dublin, Ireland. Bansko, Bulgaria. Rome, Italy)

If you had plans for a professional OE that had to be put on hold, or if these challenging times have made you even more determined to do it once you are able, then get in touch for a chat through the beginnings of a plan, or download our handy guidebook loaded with hints and tips to get started.

Or if you are an Aussie or Kiwi living in the UK, like Ebony, and are looking for advice or someone to talk to, MyOE’s door is always open to you. We have a fantastic community of like-minded people, all going through this Pandemic together.   

How you can stay in touch:

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