Adam is from Brisbane, and now works as an Accountant for MyOE – this is his OE story

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My partner and I decided two years ago to make the move to London.  We did this with 2 main goals in mind. Firstly to get some international experience for our CV, and secondly to travel around Europe as we’d heard such great things about doing both from friends and colleagues back in Aus that had done it/were doing it.  It was important to us that we would be able to see and do as much of Europe as we could, whilst not taking time out from our careers.

Over the 2 years we have been here we have been fortunate enough to do both of these things way beyond either of our expectations.  We have been able to travel all over Europe, and have been amazed at how easy it has been to do that without having to take lots of time off work.  We have been able to just take day trips over to the closer European countries by just taking a bus or the Eurostar (sometimes within the hour), through to taking a whole week off and doing several countries within one trip – it really has been amazing.

Europe has so much history to offer and such vast changes in culture depending on the country you visit (none of which are over 3 hour flights from our amazing home in London that we have fallen in love with).  We have travelled to learn about different cultures and history, we have travelled to eat the delicious foods, we have travelled to go to festivals and events (some of the best music festivals in the world can be attended in Spain, Portugal and Budapest just to name a few – and we are working our way around them).  We have even decided to do an overnight trip to Poland just so we could have authentic Pierogies for dinner, after all, it is only 2 and a half hours away (and it’s so cheap to fly everywhere, it was cheaper to fly here than a trip to Sydney from Brisbane).

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Fortunately for us, we have been able to make so many different friends through MyOE, who have exactly the same mindset and passion for travel as us!  Some of our best trips so far have been with the friends we have made through MyOE. Our most memorable trips have been decided on over a pint whilst out with friends in one of our local London pubs – usually a cheap flight to a random city in Europe. Fortunately for ourselves and our friends, we have very flexible jobs that allow us to take time out to travel while still earning our pounds, and therefore our all-important travel funds for the next trip.

Although there really is not one place we have been to in Europe that we wouldn’t recommend going to for at least a night, here are some of our favourites:

  • For exceptional scenery, words can’t describe:  Stavanger, Norway
  • For amazing history (and food):  Rome and Venice, Italy
  • A great time with friends over lots of sangria and paella:  Malaga, Spain
  • For no other reason than the low cost, delicious, heart-warming food (also lovely people and a lot of history):  Gdansk, Poland
  • Unique Beaches, unlike anything we have ever seen:  Kefalonia, Greece
  • For the most unique place, you would have never expected to go:  Kiev, Ukraine.
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This is just a handful of the many places we have been to, in between working hard in London – work hard play hard has definitely been the motto of our time in the UK so far!  We still have so many more places that we would like to see before we can even consider going back to Australia.  We came over here fully expecting to go on a few trips and just mainly tick off the major cities.  Instead, we caught the travel bug even more than we could have imagined, and are driving all our friends back home mad with our endless stream of travel photos and ravings about each of the amazing places we have seen.  We haven’t had a month living here without at least one weekend in a different country, after all when it is so close and cheap to go to, why would we stay home?”

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Adam is now an Accountant in the MyOE at Oncore UK team, whilst clearly living the dream travelling around Europe.  If you would like to chat to Adam about his experience of living and working in the UK directly he would be very happy for you to contact him on his email or on his Linkedin profile.  Alternatively, please join one of MyOE’s Free Webinars live from London,  or download our complimentary MyOE handbook for more insight into all the different elements you need to consider for successful OE planning.

For a more in depth break down of exactly what you need when planning a successful OE, download this handy little book that walks you through all the essential steps you need to get you from your home to your fantastic new UK job and lifestyle.

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