Spring party and networking event in Piccadilly

Spring Party at the Piccadilly Institute


It really was a very beautiful warm spring day and an excellent turnout for our Spring Party and networking event at the Piccadilly Institute.  Whilst overlooking the sun going down over a bustling Piccadilly Circus, we got together with a great collection of both new and long-standing MyOErs joining together for an excellent night of drinks, food, fun and networking!   The feedback on the evening was fantastic, summarised by an email the following day from one of our clients, Allen, who is a Senior Business Consultant from Wellington, New Zealand.  He said:

I hope you all had as great an evening as I did last night. As always you pulled it out of the bag again!  Thanks for organising another great evening which was excellent for networking and building rapport with all the MyOE and Oncore clusters.  I just wanted to acknowledge all the efforts made in organising these great events and I’m already looking forward to the summer party.


MyOE prides itself in helping you make the most of your overseas experience, and comfortable being very much at home in a new city.  That’s why we arrange regular events and activities in unique places, where you can meet like-minded people.  The MyOE community connect to share experiences, make friends, housemates, travel companions and a business network.  Attending just one of our regular party nights can lead to a new job, a new house or a weekend away with friends to a new country (Full set of the most recent party photographs can be found on the MyOE Facebook page)

If you, or someone you know, is considering the move and would like to be connected to one of our MyOE community to talk through their personal experiences and hear their advice (or just to find out when the next party is) then please get in touch to schedule a call with one of our Australian offices and/or our UK office and get all your questions answered by one of our MyOE experts.  Also for more general information on what to expect from your OE then download our handbook and start your journey of discovery.

UK Move Handbook
For a more in depth break down of exactly what you need when planning a successful OE, download this handy little book that walks you through all the essential steps you need to get you from your home to your fantastic new UK job and lifestyle.

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